The power of one.

Who we are

Citizen Paine is the US office of the international PR group Citizen Relations. We are an agency that is known for high-quality counsel and creative execution, regardless of the assignment.

We deliver national and global campaign strategy and can tell you who your important campaign influencers are in Miami... and Madrid. With a decidedly modern approach to all assignments, we use every tool in the PR arsenal to achieve exceptional results for some of world’s biggest brands. A blend of deeply digital folk and traditional publicists, our teams help clients understand the chaos of communication in the networked world.

Collectively, Citizen Relations has more than 200 staff in 8 cities and partners in more than 60 markets around the globe to deliver campaigns on both a global and local level. Separate from geographic reach, it is our approach to PR that sets us apart. Citizen Relations programs are always creative and attention-worthy, a seamless part of the marketing mix and most importantly, always designed with a client’s business ROI as our overriding objective.

We work with new and traditional media and with influencers and experts to maximize the telling and sharing of our clients’ stories.

Citizen Relations brings together sister agencies Citizen Relations (UK), Citizen Paine (US) and Citizen Optimum (Canada) for global activation, while each Citizen agency also operates in their own domestic market.

We round out our global capabilities through strategic partners – dual citizens, if you will – Jeffrey Group in Latin America and SPRG in China.


Our story

We offer global scale, local resources and consistent ingenuity.

In an industry known for either huge global players that offer efficiency and small regional agencies known for creativity, Citizen Relations fills a void in the marketplace. Our agency is born from, like-minded, independent spirited agencies with deep roots in their regions working collaboratively over the past few years to make all of our work better, richer and more effective for our global clients. By uniting as one business operating under one name, Citizen Relations, we celebrate our union and our offering.

Apart and together, we have a rich history of award-winning work and long-standing relationships with some of the world’s best known brands. With a reputation for being ahead of the communications curve, understanding how people receive and share information, we are sophisticated marketers who elevate brands, drive awareness, influence behavior and build sales.


Our structure

Everything we do at Citizen Paine is driven by insight – a deep understanding of how our audiences think and behave.

In addition to our in-house team, we have access to some of the world’s top strategic brains through sister agencies with our EDC family of companies. Once we arrive at a strategic approach, creative folk from our live, digital and media teams collaborate to build campaigns which are executed by our client account teams.


Our services

We have expert teams that deliver services in each of the following areas.

Integrated Brand PR

Whether you need to establish, protect or enhance your brand, Citizen Paine can develop the strategy, implement the plan and measure the results. We call it "Brand Evolution" because branding happens over time, not overnight.

Integrated marketing is more than launching a number of tactics at the same time. Rather, the individual elements should spring from a unified communications strategy. For more than 25 years, Citizen Paine has collaborated closely with leading advertising, interactive and event agencies to build powerful, cohesive programs that bring our clients' brands to life.

We strongly believe that 85% of the success of a program comes from the first 15% of the effort – and that effort begins with planning. While it is often tempting for PR agencies to start pitching and executing tactics from day one, we use a disciplined approach to ensure that the integrated plan we develop is logical, appropriate, realistic, and measurable.

Social Engagement

Our award-winning social media practice effectively reaches "tastemakers" and "influencers" where they live, work and play. Citizen Paine views social media as a fundamental part of the communications mix that we use each and every day to help our clients – including Suzuki, Iams, Pampers and Old Spice – achieve their communications goals.

Every member of the Citizen Paine team is an active member of the social media community, using the various online channels to reach out, respond, generate conversations, and tell a compelling story in the rapidly changing digital world. The result is extraordinary success in stimulating influencer conversations and generating credible, value-added coverage among targeted consumers, bloggers, online enthusiasts and more.

Product Visibility

Establishing and protecting your piece of the market share pie requires an array of basic and innovative strategies and tools. That is why leading consumer brands — like Procter & Gamble, Duracell, Iams, Pampers, and Suzuki — turn to us to help move consumers from apathy-to-action and from trial-to-loyalty. Product PR is more complex than ever since any consumer can now be a significant "reviewer." We know how to effectively reach consumers in ways that make your product interesting, relevant and desirable.

Social Responsibility

While many companies today are making significant contributions to the environmental and social well-being of our planet, audiences today are also becoming overwhelmed, confused and skeptical of bloated or unsupported "sustainability" messages. Many wonder what the term means and question if what companies claim to be doing is real or just "green washing."

Recognizing this challenge, Citizen Paine helps clients communicate their vision and actions in ways that resonate. Believing strongly that attention comes from an "action first" philosophy, we are guided by what we call the "Four Simple Truths of Authentic Sustainability." Through this philosophy we have helped guide clients through the rapidly changing public opinion landscape to ensure that their initiatives and messages are clear, credible, and connect in meaningful ways.

Social Marketing

Social marketing is a passion for us. Raising awareness, moving minds, changing behaviors, and motivating people to take action requires a unique set of skills. Citizen Paine helps clients do this and more with breakthrough and measurable public education and social marketing campaigns that connect to audiences where they live, work and play. Citizen Paine programs have helped our clients contribute to advances in cancer detection, tetanus eradication, emergency preparedness and sexual violence prevention, while also addressing volunteerism, missing and exploited children's issues, pet adoption, and the promotion of September 11 as a National Day of Service and Remembrance.

Multicultural PR

Look around you — the faces of your customers are probably changing. More and more, "the target" is including diverse people who may have been overlooked in the mass-market approach. Knowing their backgrounds and cultural beliefs are only the first steps we take with clients to position them to thrive in a multicultural environment. General Motors, Old Spice, IAMS, Pampers and others have turned to us to help craft and deliver successful multicultural strategies.

From consumer products to social marketing initiatives, Citizen Paine campaigns connect with the values and beliefs of ethnically and culturally diverse audiences in ways that help form an opinion, stimulate a behavioral change, or motivate a purchase. Being a diverse team ourselves, we understand that "one size does not fit all." We dig deep into the communities we target to assure that campaigns are appropriately tailored, creative, credible and respectful.


Whether the assignment is to defend a company in crisis, raise awareness of products and services, address shareholders, keep employees informed or articulate and define a sustainability program, Citizen Paine's Corporate/Crisis and Issues Management Practice uses innovative communications to create programs that manage, advance and protect the reputations of our clients.

Our corporate team includes a mix of experienced media relations, corporate communications and corporate spokesperson talent whose combined experience can be applied to a variety of communications challenges. We're former reporters, investment bankers and PR executives. We also work with our social engagement and national media teams to help develop comprehensive influencer relations programs.

We operate in the world where traditional media and social media powerfully connect.

Our awards

Our awards

PRSA Silver Anvil

Old Spice, Smell Like a Man Man Campaign, Integrated Communications

PRSA Bronze Anvil

P&G Professional, B2B Media Relations

PRSA Bronze Anvil

Old Spice, Smell Like a Man Man , Consumer Packaged Goods Media Relations

PRSA Bronze Anvil

Old Spice, Smell Like a Man Man, Social Media

Bronze Cannes Lion

Aflac, Aflac Duck Voice Search, Sectors and Services: Crisis and Issue Management

Grand Effie (1 win)

Old Spice, Beauty Products and Services Category

Gold Effie (4 wins)

Old Spice, Beauty Products and Services Category; Old Spice, Brand Experience Category; Old Spice, Media Innovation Category; Old Spice, Single Impact Engagement Category

Silver Effie (1 win)

Stride, Snacks/Desserts/Confectioneries Category


Our expertise

Our industry expertise spans almost all consumer and B2B markets.

We have a particularly strong reputation in consumer goods (including a focus on connecting to moms), consumer electronics, automotive, personal finance, sustainability, diversity, government and not for profits.


Our network

Citizen Relations has offices in 8 cities and plans for many more: New York, Los Angeles, Irvine, London, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Quebec City.

We round out our global capabilities through strategic partners – dual citizens, if you will – Jeffrey Group in Latin America, the Citizen Relations network across Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East and SPRG in China.